About Ross Lunz

After escaping my hometown, the hilly little civil war town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, I got a BFA in Metalsmithing and Painting from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. It was there I realized that I could basically do whatever the hell I wanted, from hopping freight trains to smiting enemies that dared to cross me. With this new attitude towards the world, I hopped some trains, smited some enemies and picked up an MFA with a focus on Metalsmithing from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. I taught metalsmithing for the 3 years while attending KU.

In 2003, the dirty South got her talons back into me. I settled 230 miles downriver from my hometown, Vicksburg, in New Orleans, and worked at Loyola University teaching basic design for 1 1/2 years.

Besides the melting and molding of metal, my other fields of interest include a fascination with ecology and the impact technology has on different cultures. These days I make ends meet fighting fires with the NOFD, selling home-made bio-diesel to famous athletes, and hawking my wares on this website (despite a physically visible aversion to computers and questionable keyboarding skills).

My wife, Jeanne, and I live in the seventh ward of New Orleans where we get to continuously tackle the challenges and frustrations of life in the post-diluvial crescent city, like having our dog eaten by an alligator. Though I guess that could’ve happened before the storm, too.

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