Hurricanes and Holidays

Author: Ross Lunz

Date: September 2017

Summer of 2017 has been a whirlwind in more ways than one. . . my slow-motion move to Albuquerque from New Orleans, Aug 18th airing of my feature on the TV show Handcrafted America, epic 1 week trip to Lake Powell, and storms, storms, and more storms.

Listed my studio/residence in New Orleans for sale in November. Ironically, it went under contract to be purchased the same weekend the city was pounded with 8″ of rain in 2 hours (beginning of Aug). Mid-City was hit hardest. My neighborhood did OK and my property was unscathed. I feel like I dodged a bullet and hopefully it’s a testament to the buyer about the quality of my house. We had a great viewing party for the premier of my episode on Handcrafted America complete with lots of friends, good food, and great beer from Bow and Arrow Brewery in Albuquerque.  Even though I tend to be technologically challenged, we were able to figure out how to project the show onto one of the brewery walls. . .whew. In the process of transplanting my family and studio practice to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One of the more amazing things about living in the Southwestern US is it’s proximity to some of the most breathtaking nature imaginable. A relatively (more…)

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